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15 Dec 2010
With skin color and texture of a very close, close to the skin, invisible bra wearing is popular because it is not the shoulder straps and suspenders, directly attached to the skin, do not worry about bra straps slide out quietly. However, doctors are reminded, as the texture invisible bra and wearing a rather special way, such as wearing a mistake can easily lead to prickly heat, eczema, contact dermatitis such a skin disease, damage to the body.

Had such patients. The patient was a young woman through mail order and spent four or five hundred dollars to buy a piece of invisible bra, but wearing the skin of the chest and found a piece of erythema, and itching. Road physician after diagnosis, that invisible bra erythema is caused due to wear. To patients in the treatment of skin diseases with a number of drugs, and patients are no longer invisible bra to wear after the erythema subsided.

This invisible bra made of silicone material is generally used, there is no shoulder strap, strap, but on the inside of the plastic stick in the skin up tightly fixed to ensure that it does not fall. Road, doctors said, because the silicone material itself is relatively close texture, are physical in nature, but beautiful lines to make the chest, a lot of invisible bra has a certain thickness, wear airtight. And because plastic bra is directly stuck on the inside skin to fixed contact with the skin to be too close, there is no gap, the same does not go out to sweat evaporation, resulting in local temperature is higher. In the high temperature, longer time is sweat soaked, it is very likely to have some skin redness, itching, eczema or prickly heat generation and other skin diseases.


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